Result of withheld students of ECE 31 is published ****** RTC distribution for students and tutor of CCD batch 32 is complete. *** Academic Calendar and tutorial instruction of CCD batch 32 is published ***


Accredited Physicians Scheme (APS)
It was initiated in 2009. General practitioners (GPs) completed CCD with good score in ECE and willing to serve diabetics may apply for accreditation. An AP will have the following facilities:
o AP will use patient?s diabetic guide book supplied by BADAS.
o There will be insulin storage facility and glucometer in the chamber.
o He/she will have linkage with the local Affiliated Associations for laboratory and hospital facility for his/her diabetic patient if/when available.
o AP will be updated periodically by training program of BADAS.

Extension of Diabetes Care (EDC)
It is a special project of BADAS funded by World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) to train 500 doctors (at least one GP for each Thana of Bangladesh) within next 3 years. They will be AP at Thana level. Their chamber will act as a Primary Diabetes Care Unit. They will also have telemedicine support from centre and local support from Affiliated Association of the district.
Selection Criteria of APS for Thana level:
o Local private practicing doctor- not in service (Govt. or affiliated diabetic association), non-transferable private job.
o Age limit 35 to 45 years.
o MBBS or equivalent with permanent registration from BMDC. Plus
o Must be willing to attend a specially designed face to face certificate course in Dhaka only.
o They have to pass the End Course Examination (ECE) at the end of the training.

End Course Examination (ECE) of  Batch-P

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