Result of withheld students of ECE 31 is published ****** RTC distribution for students and tutor of CCD batch 32 is complete. *** Academic Calendar and tutorial instruction of CCD batch 32 is published ***
About Certificate Course Page

Certificate Course on Diabetology (CCD)

Characteristics of the course are:
o Specially designed integrated materials to ensure active learning
o Learning from student-to-student and tutor-to-student
o Appropriate workload and time scale
o Feedback on learning
o Quality assurance.

Learning material
a. Printed learning materials are provided to each student in modular form. These consist of:
    o Text Book on diabetes mellitus comprising of  10 chapters
    o Two Interactive Modules covering the whole text- one for Home-based Activities, another for        RTC-based  Activities. The interactive modules contain:
      o In-text Activities and End-module Tutor Marked Tasks
      o Patient related Practical Projects
      o Clinical Examinations and Hands-on Training
b. Centrally provided record sheets for Hospital Activity twice or thrice per session.

Regional Tutorial Center (RTC)
RTCs are for intensive interactive tutorials. RTCs are located as nearest to the students as possible. RTCs have access to local medical colleges/institutes or diabetes care centres so that clinical and practical sessions can be arranged easily. Students’ attendance is strictly maintained at RTCs.

Appropriate workload and time scale
Tutorials and all the functions of the course are held according to preset calendars so that the students and the tutors can arrange their other personal and official activities accordingly. Tutorials are held on Fridays only, so that office work is not hampered. If students fail to comply with the calendar, they are offered remedial tutorial session through alternative calendar.

Feedback on learning
a. Two assignments marked by the tutor at the end of 5th and 10th modules (Tutor Marked Assignments-TMAs). Students must obtain at least 50% marks to pass. If students fail in TMA, they will be able to reappear in the assessment (repeat TMA). The repeat TMAs are marked centrally.
b. End-of-course final assessment of the students by the tutor (Tutor Marked Rating Scale-TMRS). This rating scale is to rate every student on overall performance e.g. punctuality and sincerity, skill, attitude, etc.
c. One formal written and clinical final End Course Examination (ECE) is conducted centrally. Its components  are:
    o Theoretical (MCQ)
    o Practical (objective structured clinical exam.-OSCE and objective structured practical exam.-OSPE).
Total marks-200 (theory-100, practical-100). Students must secure 50% in theory and practical respectively.

Quality assurance
Quality of the whole system is assessed and evaluated periodically. These include the administrative support, education materials, learning environment, quality of tuition, students’ performance, etc. Feed-back is taken in written or verbally, from all the tutors and students, and also from other office staffs. These are analyzed and necessary actions are undertaken.

Course and admission procedure
There are two sessions each year- January to June and July to December.
The steps of getting admission and appearing ECE are:
o Advertisement in leading newspapers and web-site.
o Online submission of application by properly filled form to get a registration  number .
o  Display of selected candidates list on the DLP website and notice board.

o Selected candidates will have to deposit course fee of taka 22500 (Twenty two thousand five hundred) through cash to the cash counter of BIRDEM.
o Receiving student’s ID number by submitting the electronic money receipt (of the course fee) to the DLP office.
o Attending the inaugural session on due date, then to start regular tutorials as per calendar.
o Students eligible for ECE will have to deposit taka 3000 (Three thousand ) to the cash counter of BIRDEM to get an Admit Card from DLP office.

o A student will be ‘course-out’ if he/she is unable to pass the ECE within two years of admission.
o Successful students will be awarded Certificate in due time. The best performer in ECE will be awarded gold medal.