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Distance Learning Programmee (DLP)


Number of people with diabetes mellitus is rising rapidly and enormously across the globe, posing a great threat for a future health tsunami. And diabetes care is suboptimal throughout the world. Bangladesh is no exception to this. The Bangladesh Diabetic Somiti (BADAS)/Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB) has been fighting against this disease for quite a long time. But it can take care of about only 15-20% diabetic patients of the country. For this reason this organization has been involved in creating appropriately trained manpower for the management and prevention of diabetes through academic courses, training programmes/workshops, etc. BADAS has designed and produced this Certificate Course on Diabetology (CCD) through Distance Learning Programme (DLP) to provide appropriate education and training to the physicians to learn treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus.
The course was designed in collaboration with two experts from the Open University of UK, Prof. Janet Grant, Director of Medical Education and Prof. Mike Stewart, Prof. of Neuroscience. They initially conducted a feasibility study in Bangladesh. The conclusion was that ‘a countrywide tutor-based Regional Tutorial Center (RTC) system of Distance Learning Programme (DLP) is feasible under BADAS organization’. Then a workshop of Training of Tutors (TOT) was arranged. The curriculum was subsequently developed with the contributions of diabetologists and endocrinologists from BADAS. The certificate course was inaugurated in June 2003 and was formally started with a pilot batch of 50 physicians.

Distance Learning Programme (DLP)

In this programme there is individual study of specially prepared learning materials (usually printed). The procedure uses integrated learning resources, learning experiences, feedback on learning and student support service.
The Certificate Course on Diabetology (CCD) is run by Distance Learning Programme (DLP) which is an enterprise of Bangladesh Diabetic Somiti (BADAS)/Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB).

Chairperson of the Programme
Prof. AK Azad Khan                            
Chairperson of the Course
Prof. Hajera Mahtab
Chief Exiqutive Officer (CEO)
Prof. Tofail Ahmed
Additional Course Co-ordinator
Dr. Hasan Ali Choudhury
Assistant Course Co-ordinators
Dr. SM Ashrafuzzaman
Dr. Tareen Ahmed
Dr. Faria Afsana
Dr. Bishwajit Bhowmik
Assistant Director
Mohammad Arifur Rahman Khan (Masoom)